Portrait of Bruce Moore, candidate for Grand Traverse County Commission District 5.

Why I'm Running

I am Bruce Moore of East Bay Township in Grand Traverse County, Michigan. I'm running for Grand Traverse County Commission District 5.

In the overnights I've done at Safe Harbor, I've been disturbed at the number of people who leave and go to work every morning--but can't afford housing in Grand Traverse County. While canvassing, I've talked to too many mothers and daughters who would really like daughter and husband to have their own house, but they can't afford it and are living with mom and dad. During the pandemic, this can be a life-and-death problem if mom and dad have chronic health conditions. People who work full time should be able to afford housing.

I've attended most County Commission meetings over the four years, and am frustrated with the amount of time the commission spends on fire-up-the-base national political issues that have nothing to do with paving roads, paying police, firefighters, school teachers, inspectors or any of the other responsibilities of the various township, school and county boards.

All of the Townships begin meetings with an agenda item where Trustees identify any conflict of interests they have with the meeting's business.  The Grand Traverse County Commission does not do this, and voted for an ethics policy that has no reporting, investigation, or enforcement provisions for conflicts of interest involving Commissioners; this is wrong.

I'm running to make our county government functional and transparent again.