Can you describe your vision for collaboration between the GT County Commission and other taxing jurisdictions?

My vision IS collaboration. My big priority is housing and land use, but zoning is controlled by the City and the Townships. To maintain the wonderful community that we enjoy now will require cooperation between all entities on the way to a population of 200,000. Cooperative zoning is the only way that the region will develop in a way that we still like at 200,000 people.

The recent spiking of the Senior Center project is a prime example of the zero-sum game that is currently being played, complete with statistical lies on costs and use that ignored the value of the land that the City was contributing free of charge. This project needs to get done and it needs to get done in a collaborative way. The City could just do it by itself, which would leave County residents of Peninsula, Garfield, East Bay, and to a lesser extent Acme and Whitewater with no access to a Senior Center.