Young Professionals: Why are you the preferred candidate for young professionals?

I will vote to move meetings to the evening so that wage and salary workers can attend and run for office. Personally, mornings are better for me, but morning meetings make it difficult if not impossible for anyone with a salary or wage job to participate.

During the pandemic, I will push hard for infection control measures across the community so that we can keep some high-risk activities like schools and even some semblance of bars open. Child care for families and isolation for single adults are horrendous challenges that require some higher-risk gatherings. To facilitate this, we have to make the rest of the community very low risk. When I encounter a business not using masks, I report it to the health department, and I’ve encouraged others to do so as well. When “travel into or out of the area” infections after the Sturgis rally hit in August, we didn’t go into exponential growth. Though getting reported has angered some people, I think the resultant increase in mask use is a contributor to our ability to keep schools open.

I don’t know anything about child care, but I do know that the biggest lever on this problem is keeping schools open, and encouraging infection control measures is the best tool that we have to do that right now. Most people don’t see mask use a partial solution to the childcare problem, but I do.