2020 League of Women Voters--My Priorities

Housing costs, housing availability and development direction are related issues that are critical problems in the County. Watching Safe Harbor guests leaving for full-time jobs at 6:00AM has been a shock on each of the overnights I have done. While canvassing, I’ve talked to parents who wanted their married children to have their own house, but they couldn’t afford it. During the pandemic, multi-generational housing is a life-threatening risk to some. People with full-time jobs should be able to find and afford housing.

I would work to refocus the County Commission on local issues and avoid spending large amounts of time on national political posturing, to restart the County Planning Commission, and to bring greater accountability and transparency to the Road Commission, which now has defacto control over development.

The second priority is improved transparency. The County Commission should have a conflict disclosure agenda item in the same way that Townships do. The ethics policy should have provisions for investigation and enforcement for elected officials in addition to employees and should prohibit use of office for obtaining inside information.

See the Vote411 page to compare my responses to my Republican opponent, Darryl Nelson.