Portrait of Bruce Moore, candidate for Grand Traverse County Commission District 6

Why are you interested in serving the people, families, and businesses in the Grand Traverse Region?

I grew up in Mt. Pleasant, earned an Chemical Engineering degree at UM and then spent my working life in Dallas, TX. My wife and I retired to Traverse City about two years ago after what amounted to a business-school site selection study. Through volunteering at Safe Harbor, I’ve become dismayed that people with full-time employment cannot afford housing and spend winter nights at an emergency homeless shelter. Climate change will cause a reversal of the outward migration that Michigan experienced over the last generation, and I want to make sure that my city does not make the development mistakes that I saw in Dallas over the 30 years that I lived there. Grand Traverse County Commission in particular is a high-skill, high time commitment, and low pay job that few people are in a financial or work situation to do. I am able to do this and want to do this.