How can you use your role to influence access to rural broadband?

In Grand Traverse County, access to broadband is a cost rather than availability problem, though there are some availability and reliability problems. As a society, we subsidized postal, radio, TV, telephone, and electricity utilities in low-density/high-cost rural areas. We should advocate and pursue similar programs to reduce costs in the county. The current low-cost programs at Spectrum don’t go high enough up the income scale and are not significantly less than my wife and I paid for far more reliable subsidized fibre-optic service in a metropolitan area.

The County and Townships could subsidize antennae towers for increased fixed-wireless service to inexpensively give competition for Spectrum in more areas. Spectrum’s current effective monopoly pricing means Spectrum will drop short-term prices to kill any start-up that enters the market, but will have to adjust to a lower long-term pricing structure if a competitor has a cost structure to compete long-term.