League of Women Voters of Grand Traverse County--2022 Grand Traverse County Commission Candidate Forum

The League of Women Voters of Grand Traverse Area hosted a candidate forum for the Grand Traverse County Commission races. All of the candidates participated except Brian McAllister (unopposed), Brad Jewett (incumbent, R) and Robert Hentschel (incumbent, R, and my opponent). The questions ranged from what committee assignments candidates would prefer, what past decisions candidates opposed, broadband implementation, housing, and ARPA priorities. When I get a chance to listen to it, I'll add a time index to questions.

The format was 90 seconds each for openning and closing statements, and 30 seconds for each question.


  • District 1
    • Brian McAllister (R)--did not participate
  • District 2
    • Lauren Flynn (D)
    • Ellen Keonig (D)
  • District 3
    • Tom Mair (Green)
    • Ashlea Walter (D)
    • Joe Walsh (R)
  • District 4
    • David Fashbaugh (D)
    • Brad Jewett (R)--did not participate
  • District 5
    • Bruce Moore (D)
    • Robert D Hentschel (R)--did not participate
  • District 6
    • Daryl Nelson (R)
    • Amanda Scott (D)
  • District 7
    • T.J. Andrews (D)
    • Wayne Schmidt (R)
  • District 8
    • Scott Sieffert (R)
  • District 9
    • Pamela Harris Kaiser (D)
    • Penny Morris (R)

The forum is available on the League's Facebook page at League of Women Voters of Grand Traverse County--Grand Traverse County Commission Candidate Forum. League rules prohibit copying and editing, so there is no way to provide a version for the two or three candidates in a particular district. That said, if you want to understand the direction for the Board of Commissioners, you will learn a lot by watching the whole thing.